Thursday, June 21, 2012

INSPIRE ME - Emilio Pucci

I love finding inspiration in the great designers of the past! Often many of their designs are still as fresh and relevant today as they were when they were first created. 
One thing that I think makes a great designer is their ability to create timeless designs.
This definitely applies to the amazing Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci who is best known for his use of distinct geometric prints in bright bold colours!

So the story goes.. Emilio [having never studied fashion] first designed skiwear for his college skiing team. During a holiday to the Swiss Alps his ski costume worn by a friend caught the eye of fashion photographer Toni Frissell who worked for Harper's Bazaar. The editor of Harper's, Diana Vreeland then invited Emilio to design a ski wear collection to be featured in the 1948 winter issue! And from there a fashion star was born and the rest is history! With his knowlege of new stretch jersey technology he went on to design swimwear, but soon moved onto other items such a patterned silk scalves, blouses, printed silk dresses, jersey dresses and his still popular palazzo and capri pants!

Emilio Pucci will forever be remembered as the master of beautiful, bold, colourful, geometric prints!!


 Pucci is well known for his innovative "bubble helmet" designed for flight attandants to wear between terminal buildings and aircrafts to protect their hairdos from rain and blasts from the jet engines!

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